GEM-CAR Shop Management Software

Features and Benefits

Point of sale solution

Add customers quickly with 411 information download, rapid vehicle identification with integration of VIN decoder, price and margin management, integration of ALLDATA labour time, integration of over one hundred online parts and tire distributors, estimates management and more.

Work Order

Best tool on the market to increase profit of your work orders. Optimizes time to issue work orders, improves communication with your team and get the job done the right way !

Purchases and suppliers

Lowers your inventory costs with our purchases and suppliers management tool. This saves time and money usually spent on your inventory management.

Used car sales

Get the most profit out of your used cars for sale with our tool to minimize the cost of repair and management of used car sales.

Inspection sheets

Our free module GEM-WORK is an in-depth system based on inspection sheets developed by the top automotive specialists to maximize sales and profits in your automobile repair shop.


Easily reach your customers with text messaging or email to book appointments, to promote a service/product or to remind a customer of a needed mechanical repair.

Punch Clock

Increase sales of shop material from 30% to 70% and increases average billable time from 10 to 15 minutes per work order, which generally represents $3000 to $5000 in additional labour sales per technician per year.


Inventory management

Ensures inventory turnover three to seven times a year and reduces the financial resources needed to cover inventory.

Reporting and statistics

Ensures that the right decisions are made at the right time based on real results with the help of GEM-CAR daily reports and statistics.

Courtesy car and tool rental

Start generating profits with your courtesy car department. Use our tool to ensure you have legal protection in the event of an incident.

Preventive maintenance

Ensures worry-free manufacturers’ warranty management and tracking that makes it possible to sell appointments during the slower seasonal periods by recommending to your customers scheduled preventative maintenance services.

Electronic agenda

Maximizes planned work time to increase time charged; improves customer retention as a result of timely delivery; minimizes internal stress related to poor planning.

Tire storage system

Get rid of the headache caused by by not having a tire storage program. Our tire storage tool is easy to use and accurate. This fosters customer loyalty by offering a service that favours retention.

Communication tool

GEM-CAR helps your staff to communicate with different tools in the software. Communication to your staff about the clients, their vehicle history, required repairs directly on work orders. Also, communicate easily with your customers.

History of repairs

Increases sales by using cost per kilometre reports to justify costly work to be completed to a customer’s vehicle; fills the shop during slow downturns in seasonality by bringing in commercial fleets and customers with the GEM-COM module.

Integration of accounting system

Easily integrate your GEM-CAR transactions into your accounting system like QuickBooks or Sage One. Avoid double accounting with our software.



Easily reach your customers with text messaging or email to book appointments, to promote a service/product or to remind of a needed mechanical repair.


Integrated information software (Alldata, Mitchell and Identifix) in your WORK ORDER environment.


bontravailgaragediagnostic-gem-workIntegrated inspection sheets help you to properly inspect and sell repair work.


credit-cardsReduce your credit card expenses on Mastercard, Visa and Interac payment. Get our GEM-CARD module to save money every day.


If you install or repair windshields, discover our GEM-GLASS module to help you manage your windshield replacement business.


Get an electronic signature pad to reduce paper cost…
Reduce paper costs annually by $ 300 to $ 800 and maximize the chances of winning in a litigation with our signature tool directly in GEM-CAR.


Get the most profit from your tire department. Find the best local distributor for a specific tire.

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Product History

GEM-CAR has specialized in the automobile repair industry since 2001 and helps repair shop owners and operators to maximize their profits and sales, with the best system and tools available.

Our repair shop management system will help you save on cost, gain speed, and maximize your profits daily.

Read our brochure for more details

Try our riskfree demonstration without engagement. You will see how easy the software is, and how much money you can make and save with all the different modules of GEM-CAR.

Pricing table

Nomber of licenses / Stations






Point of sale: estimate and bill check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159
Electronic agenda check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159
Electronic time clock check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159
Work order check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159
GEM-WORK: inspection sheet check_318-42159
Management of inventory and purchases check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159
Accounting: payables and receivables Receivables check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159
Courtesy car/equipment leasing check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159
Vehicle sales check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159
Truck and trailer management check_318-42159
Production : Assembly management check_318-42159
Free phone support check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159 check_318-42159
GEM-MECHANIC check_318-42159 check_318-42159
MONTHLY FEE $50.00 $100.00 $190.00 $195.00 $190.00


If you don’t increase your labour sales by $5000, per Technician per year,

GEM-CAR will pay your GEM-CAR monthly fees for 1 year.

If you have 3 technicians, expect $15 000…. 3 easy conditions to follow:

Use the punch clock,

Use the inspection sheets GEM-WORK,

Send reminder letters by email and mail


Risk Free. No credit card needed.

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